Monday, June 30, 2014

Want your friends to be your neighbors too?

Do you want to help your friends move to the convenient, verdant, dog-friendly, recreation-ready, cycling mecca  of East Falls in Philadelphia, PA?  Would you like to make some easy peezy cash just by hooking them up with some great digs?

Then contact me using the box to the right.   Yes, that one.  No, I will not spam you, ever.

If you bring me a buyer for 3434 Bowman, you will earn $1,500 cash at closing and your friend will earn $1,500 as well.  Offer is not valid if buyers use an agent.  All transactions will be handled by a title company and funds will be held in escrow the same as if an agent were involved however.  

Here are pictures of the house, and be sure to click on my listing too.  

And for you realtors out there, my MLS number is 6351378. And yes if you bring me a buyer I pay a standard commission of 3%.  

andrea, madison and chloe, proprietors

madison and chloe

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